Who is verne troyer dating

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Read Also: Kelly Lynch – Bio, Facts, Movies and TV Shows of The Actress and Model Ranae Shrider is now a strong Christian.In a documentary on her life, she explained that she has given her life to Jesus Christ and now serves him perpetually.He was also renowned for being very short; he stood at just 2 feet and 8 inches and was considered to be the shortest Hollywood actor.When their relationship started, the height difference between Ranae Shrider and Verne was very clear.

Verne Troyer eventually died on 21 April 2018, plunging Hollywood into a sorrowful mood as tributes poured in for him.This is mainly because she now addresses herself as Ranae Shepherd and not by her maiden name.This apparently suggests that Shepherd is her hubby’s last name.Not much is known about Ranae’s family or how she spent her early days in Kentucky, however, it has been reported that she developed a great interest in acting as a youngster.The identities of her parents have not been revealed and it is not certain if she has any siblings or not.

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