Who is ray liotta dating

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After getting into love relation for a year, they got married on 15th February, 1997.Soon after a year of their marriage, Michelle gave birth to a cute looking daughter who was later named as Karsen Liotta.She has amazed many people with her attractive and appealing personality.

17 years old young lady, Karsen Liotta is a gorgeous actress.

Posted by Jill Marie Jones on Thursday, December 31, 2015Immediately after graduation, Jill began pursuing a modeling career.

First of all, for two years she was employed as a Cheerleader for the Dallas Cowboys American Football team, then she passed onto Dallas Mavericks basketball team for one year, before going on to tour Korea, Israel, Egypt and Japan with the United Service Organization and United States Department of Defense.

Karsen Liotta is a young American actress and model.

Karsen is best known for her appearance in movies ‘Pretty face’ and ‘Mississippi Requiem’.

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