Who is malia obama dating

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Malia Obama and her boyfriend Rory Farquharson have been dating for two years now and they're everything you should aspire to in a relationship.Rory was head boy at one the most prestigious private schools in the UK and now goes to Harvard, where he met classmate Malia.Rory and Malia met in 2017 while attending Harvard University.Romance rumors began to heat up after footage showed what seemed to be the pair kissing during a school football game, reports The Telegraph.

Rory’s father, Charles Bowen Farquharson, is the chief executive and director of Insight Investment Management Limited.But Malia and Rory were pictured at brunch yesterday with Rory's father and brother.Given this, and the fact they've been dating for two years, we can pretty much assume he's been introduced to Malia's fam.Malia’s new love interest has an interesting link to the British royal family.Daily Mail reports he is the cousin of the Queen’s former aide, Andrew Farquharson.

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