Who is desmond elliot dating

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These falsities find their origin in fake news sites, which require only a few tweets or Facebook shares to spread panic.

Some of the things that lead to such incidents include accidental publication of already written biographies or obituaries, narrow death escape of the person in question, impersonation, long disappearance, name confusion, general misunderstanding, and so on.However, it was shortly discovered that it was a false news and that the supporting photo was one gotten from one of his movie shot that was yet to be released.This was his reaction to the hoax:“I don’t know where they got the story from, people are so funny.The woman who identified herself simply as Tito wrote a lengthy letter of how her husband, an Ibadan-based politician has been spending lavishly on the actress since she met her at a function late last year.The woman who refused to reply follow-up inquiry said she saw a series of text messages from the actress on her husband’s Android phone last week and since then, she’s been having sleepless night as her husband has suddenly stopped coming home since she confronted him.

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