Who is deborah cox dating

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In the mid 90s, young Atlanta crooners Marvin “Slim” Scandrick, Daron Jones, Quinnes “Q” Parker and Michael Keith caught the ear of Sean Combs, who was mesmerized by their vocal prowess.

Y’all know the formula by now – ’90s Diddy talented artists = $$$$.

The group split “amicably” with Puff and signed with Def Jam.

Puff even served as “executive producer” (i.e., he kept his hands in their pockets).

Their fourth album, 2003’s Hot & Wet, just seemed off. You could fry 10 pounds of bacon on their foreheads.

Their biggest hit though was “Peaches and Cream,” which hit No.

For years, Javacia’s almost-babydaddy Q has bragged about dropping an album but I guess he has been too busy hanging out on college campuses to actually release it. Same goes for Daron, who has stepped from behind the producer’s booth to record a few songs of his own.

Check them out but I’ll warn you, their solo efforts aren’t as strong as Mike and Slim’s.

Sometime after release of this album and the promotion of their next one, Q Parker started frequenting the campus of the University of Alabama, the alma mater of the wifey.

Just think – if those two hooked up, he’d probably be writing this right now, and I’d be doing…whatever it is he does these days. Bad Boy’s gravy train was starting to run out of steam by the turn of the millennium, but 112’s third album, Part III, provided one last burst of energy.

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