Who is dating jared followill

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The versions of "Wasted Time" and "California Waiting" on the EP differ from their album versions, however, with the first having a more tense riff and different vocal style than the same track off Youth and Young Manhood, the second being recorded in a rush to finish the EP.

After the release of Only by the Night in September 2008, the band achieved chart success in the United States.

According to Rolling Stone magazine, "While Ivan preached at churches and tent revivals throughout Oklahoma and the Deep South, his boys attended services and were occasionally enlisted to bang on some drums".

They were either home-schooled by their mother, or enrolled in small parochial schools at this time.

Nathan was born in Oklahoma, and Jared and Caleb were born in and around Memphis, Tennessee.

Jared attended Mount Juliet High School, while Matthew was born and raised in Mississippi.

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