Who is damita haddon dating

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According to the Funky Deniva blog, an ex-lover of Haddon's has supplied incriminating shots of the "God Didn't Give Up on Me" singer dating back to 2008.

On July 20 of this year Haddon married the mother of his child, Dominique.Haddon says he and Damita have worked hard in ministry and “blessed many while bleeding ourselves! ” Instantly, many of Deitrick Haddon’s fans tweeted their support, with some noting that he is still a powerful man of God, to which Haddon responded, “If i was that powerful of a Man Of God i would still be married 2 Damita. Many successful Christian leaders become so consumed with "ministry" that they forget their first ministry is to their family.Televangelist Benny Hinn admits that he made the mistake of neglecting his own family, causing a temporary split from his wife Suzanne in 2010. No doubt, news of the Haddons' split has sent shockwaves throughout the Christian community, as Deitrick and Damita Haddon were viewed as one of the few stable couples within the Gospel industry.After 15 years of marriage, he and his wife, Damita Haddon, have officially divorced. ” His ex-wife has not yet responded to his public disclosure of the split. Haddon also managed to keep a tight lid on the news of the undoing of her marriage during recent radio and magazine interviews.Though the news is just now hitting the public (Some industry insiders have known for a while.), Haddon says “Our breakup is NOT recent! Though many will undoubtedly speculate about what went wrong, “D Haddy” says don’t expect to get any further details.

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