Who is andre rison dating

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She turned herself into the police the following day and was charged with felony arson.She entered rehab for alcohol abuse and received five years probation and a ,000 fine.The house the couple shared was completely burned to the ground.But Rison forgave Lopes and the pair rekindled their relationship.Before doing that, Left Eye took the new belongings he bought, tossed them in the bathtub, and lit them on fire.The fire eventually spread and led to a complete destruction of Rison’s home.The next day Left Eye turned herself in and was charged with felony arson.She was later on released on ,000 bail and rehab.

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When Watkins and Thomas refused, Lopes went it alone.In an era before selfies, there is much footage of her talking to a handheld camera, setting the record straight about many aspects of her life.On her alcoholism, she describes how she becomes a different person: "What? My evil twin, who came from within, on whom I blame all of my sins," she says."I say that’s the plan because things always change."And things did change.On April 25, Lopes was driving a rented Mitsubishi Montero SUV when she swerved off the road. In a statement, her TLC partners, Watkins and Thomas said: "We had all grown up together and were as close as a family.

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