Who is andre 3000 dating

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Most­ly, they’re suits, feel­ing cool pay­ing $ since autumn, you’ll know there’s some­thing bet­ter than being cool now, and that’s being Ice Cold.

A decade of per­fect pop­stars and aggres­sive hip hop is hand­ing over to rebel war­riors Kelis and Andre ’ Ben­jamin, the nut­ti­est musi­cal genius since Prince.

The fact that Erykah, at age 47 with multiple kids to her name, is still as relevant as she was at the peak of her career is a testament to her singing talents as much as it is to her feminine charms.

In per­son, every­thing about Out Kast’s front­man seems calm, from his yoga pos­ture and slow smile to his veg­an diet.

He has an impres­sive per­son­al­i­ty trait: mak­ing women love him with­out mak­ing eye contact.

Togeth­er, they’re the rulers of the new upbeat age, mak­ing goofy free-expres­sion hip again.

Andre is slim, qui­et and dressed as a Thir­ties cruise-lin­er cap­tain.

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