Who has devendra banhart dating

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It's over between the bearded one and the actress Devendra Banhart and actress Natalie Portman are no longer an item, according to reports today.Things apparently just weren’t working out between the pair, who started dating in April.“They got together right after the video shoot,” a source said at the time.They also traveled together to Cannes and to Israel. And now Natalie is dating a dude who rolls with the Lilo? The only thing it is NOT is Tori Spelling and Donatella Versace. That’s what happens when you are friends with Lindsay Lohan.

Natalie Portman wants everyone to know that she definitely did not date Moby. “There was no fact checking from him or his publisher – it almost feels deliberate,” Portman added. I would have liked him or his publisher to reach out to fact check.” In his book, Moby describes his supposed relationship with Portman.

In honor of that yearly shift, we’re looking at all the boos who used to be.

As this time period nears its end, here are seven famous relationships you may not remember. Though they may have hit a snag in 2006 when he opened up to Howard Stern about their sex life, the former couple posted sweet messages about each other in 2016.

Between 19, when Xuxa was just becoming the queen of the bajitos and Pelé had established himself as one of the greatest fútboleros, these two dated.

The relationship was controversial for several reasons.

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