What to do when dating a rich man

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For instance, how many people are able to enjoy a lavish lifestyle because of their ‘richer’ partner and feel like they owe it to their partners to stay in the relationship?

And how many unhappy people are unable to leave a marriage because they’ve become dependent on their spouse’s earnings?

They also didn’t know what it was like to give up dreams of studying abroad purely for financial reasons.

Understandably, it’s hard to completely empathise with the economic decisions someone makes in life, such as which university to go to, how much to spend on groceries per week, and what constitutes ‘date night’, when you’ve never been from the same socio-economic bracket.

Again, my feelings are not their fault, but it’s a price they pay regardless.

As much as I know I would still strive to pay for myself in a financially imbalanced relationship, and in fact never accept treats or favours that I can’t pay for myself if I had to, just knowing someone else possesses a far better financial upper hand has always unnerved me.

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Eventually maintaining this freedom became a priority in life.When I was still dating, I would give rich guys a harder time because of what I saw as their inherent privilege.And when we didn’t work out, I was secretly relieved that I needn’t worry about living up to a life I wasn’t used to.I would catch a glimpse of his relationship with money whenever we went out.Whether we were at hawker centres or fancier restaurants, he would liberally order multiple dishes, only to barely finish half of them.

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