Vonage updating hardware

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Some other companies, however, require a significant investment in hardware.

The phones that 8x8 provides are already configured to work when you plug them in.

Grasshopper was essentially designed for small offices who want to present a more professionally packaged telecommunications front. S.-based Grasshopper's simplicity that makes it the winner.

Maintaining a PBX system may offer some comfort to those who have this technology, but the cost of maintaining an office system in a closet or on a desk can be substantially higher than Vo IP, especially as the hardware ages and as Vo IP technology continues to improve.

Assessing the number and quality of features available can also staggering.

Acknowledging that all the companies we looked at have some complaints, the winner for best service is Vonage, one of the first phone companies to offer Vo IP for business.

With over a decade of Vo IP service provision, Vonage offers customer service via chat, available Monday-Friday 9 a.m.

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