Validating with xml schema

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When you do that, you'll see a warning in the Problems pane below the editing pane: This is eclipse telling you that it can't do much validating unless you tell it what to validate against.Since we have the PDS4 master schema that we want to validate against, now's the time to set up an XML Catalog entry so eclipse can turn that namespace reference into a schema file location.So in the The first reference you will come to know and love, or at least recognize, as the PDS4 common namespace, in this case with a version number ("v08") indicating it is a pre-release draft.Unless otherwise stated, everything in the label is presumed to come from the pds namespace. Because there is no namespace prefix specified, as there is for the second namespace ("xsi", in this case).Note that nested catalogs are still used for lookup of the URLs given as the sources of schema documents, so you can still delegate lookup to a catalog, you just need to list all schema URIs and their URL equivalents.This task supports the use of nested element is used to set properties.This namespace holds attributes and elements that are part of the XML Schema language.

Since PDS labels should not contain links to local versions of, for example, the namespace-defining schemas, this is a critical component to get right.XML Catalog information is configured as one of the items in the Window- Eclipse maintains the XML catalog internally, so we'll be adding single entries to it via this dialogue box.We're doing straightforward mappings, so select Catalog Entry from the top of the column of icons on the left.The second label in the test file package, hi173794441_9080000_001_rr.xml, references mock-ups for three local namespaces.The schemas for these namespaces are included in the test file package in the Dictionaries/ subdirectory.

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