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The Virgin Islands Campground here has screened eco-cottages that share kitchen and bath facilities. John, private charters are common, with many basing their operations at American Yacht Harbor in Red Hook.

There’s perhaps no better way to experience the Virgin Islands than from the deck of a sailboat. Experienced sailors may want to provision their own ship and travel “bareboat,” while those with more shaky sea legs are better off hiring a boat with a captain and crew.

Those seeking unspoilt natural beauty should head to St John.

With no airport, and two-thirds of the island's deep valleys set aside as a national park, this is an ideal retreat.

High winds and rainfall from intense thunderstorms are anticipated.

It’s a little trickier to find cheap hotels on tony St. Thomas Diving Club, which offers stay-and-dive packages attractive to those exploring the deep. With no TV and an adults-only policy, Carringtons Inn on St.

John; divers usually go the bed and breakfast route or rent a private home. One of the best values in the Virgin Islands, bed and breakfasts are particularly common within historic Charlotte Amalie in St. Options here include At Home in the Tropics, Galleon House and Bunker Hill Hotel. John, Treetops likes to say that it’s both “affordable and adorable,” a difficult combo to find on this priciest of the U. Croix may prove the most relaxing vacation you’ve had in a while.

While such a trip sounds pricey, the costs can work out to be less than you expect if you’re splitting it between several people or couples (the final price depends on how big and luxurious the boat is, whether or not you get your own provisions and if you’re hiring a captain).

The result of the US Virgin Islands' history and location is a unique blend of Danish heritage and American modernity.

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