Updating your job hazard analysis

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When conducting JHAs You aren't required to use a JHA approach, but it does provide essential information for safety program development.

For example, the information is used to create your company's safety orientation, which is a part of your required Accident Prevention Program (APP).

The terms "job" and "task" are commonly used interchangeably to mean a specific work assignment, such as "operating a grinder," "using a pressurized water extinguisher," or "changing a flat tire." JSAs are not suitable for jobs defined too broadly, for example, "overhauling an engine"; or too narrowly, for example, "positioning car jack." One of the methods used in this example is to observe a worker actually perform the job.For more information, read L&I's Intended Usage policy.Links to ANSI standards take you to order information for that ANSI standard.The information from your JHA can also fulfill your hazard assessment requirement for personal protective equipment (PPE) , if you haven't done this separately.JHAs may be used at workplaces to identify potential noise, atmospheric contaminants, or musculoskeletal risk factors; however, in-depth evaluation of worker exposures using special equipment and procedures is often necessary to do before you complete JHAs entries.

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