Updating the 1995 national building code of canada wind pressures

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“What affects most of us here, our analysis is that the change in the code will represent a 10 to 20 per cent on average increase to farm building costs with this new code,” he said. There are certain farm buildings which may, in fact, be less expensive in the new regime than they were in the previous regime.

There will be some farm buildings where the cost will increase by more than 50 per cent.

On behalf of the CFBA, Teron lobbied the government to initiate the update, which he said is long overdue.

The National Farm Building Code was released in 1995 and has not had any substantive changes since.

Teron represents the CFBA on farm building joint task groups, technical standing committees and working groups, who are all working towards the goal of incorporating farm building code requirements into the 2020 National Building Code.

The joint task group was developed in 2016 with a mandate to review the existing codes, identify the shortcomings and priorities for future codes, looking at what the true risks are and how they are being addressed, Teron said.

It is not intended to be used in lieu of reading, understanding, and manually calculating the requirements for fenestration on any project.

This calculator, and the accuracy of the resulting information, has not been reviewed, approved, or authorized by the publishers of any standard or any regulatory body.

“I urge everyone in the room to take the opportunity to read the code as it comes out and make your opinions known either directly to the code commission or through the CFBA,” said Teron.“CFBA has been very active in promoting an update to the code recognizing the current code does not properly represent the state of the industry and the fact that the provinces are quickly losing confidence in the 1995 document,” he said.“We started lobbying the federal government in 2006.In large part, the poor performance has been due to inadequate design attention.The purpose of this Resource Page is to provide designers with information, guidance and resources so that they will be more capable of designing wind-resistant and wind-driven water-resistant envelopes.

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