Updating old kitchen appliances dating he stopped talking to me

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The quickest zero-cost fix for most homeowners in the kitchen is to clear the counters of absolutely everything.This instantly makes it look like you have miles of countertop when you may have only a few square feet.In the middle ground is our microwave which we use daily, if not multiple times daily, and it would be a major hassle if ours packed up one evening.I was aware of Hotpoint as a brand and my washing machine is even by them but I wasn’t aware they did kitchen appliances like microwaves.Whilst my kitchen appliances may still be hanging on right now, it is always good to get some research in on the products available out there and I think I may just have found our next one.My kitchen needs a redo — appliances, flooring, countertop, backsplash, light Ing, window replacement, bar stools (maybe) and furniture for the deck. All of that would give you a very nice update to the space.This is Herman Chan, San Francisco real estate broker extraordinaire and diva. She says, "Herman, we just bought a fixer upper in Pacific Heights. Paint the cabinets, swap them out with hardware, something more sleek, make the colors pop, make it bold. You can go with corian, granite, soap stone, cedar stone, concrete, whatever you want.

The cabinets look to be in good shape too so I wouldn’t replace those either, and white is classic so with the other changes you will have a whole new/fresh space.

For being such a big part of the kitchen, it’s unfortunate that updating kitchen flooring doesn’t add as much value as other improvements.

But there’s one must-do here: If your kitchen has old vinyl flooring of any sort, it’s time to upgrade.

I love that it is more technologically advanced than my current microwave and has functions such as cutting edge Multi-Wave technology meaning that whatever you are doing whether it be defrosting or heating; an even spread of heat is distributed throughout the food.

It also allows for a lower consumption of energy which, when I am trying to be more eco conscious, means a lot to me.

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