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The words PROGRAM, REVIEW, and CHANGE are located on the top of the detector, and are highlighted in blue graphics.How to use EZ-Programming 1 To enter Program Mode, press and hold both top buttons down for 2 seconds.In addition, the Passport 8500 X50 introduces the following state-of-the-art performance and features: Quick Reference Card • Ultra-bright alphanumeric display with 280 LED’s There are 9 user-selectable options so you can customize your 8500 X50 for your own preferences.The buttons labeled CITY and DIM are also used to enter the Program Mode, REVIEW your current program settings, and to CHANGE any settings as desired.(The unit will display Complete, beep 4 times, and return to normal operation).Factory Default Settings To reset Passport to its original factory settings, press and hold the “CITY,” “DIM,” and “MUTE” buttons while turning the power on.1 Enter the Program Mode by holding both the city and dim buttons down for 2 seconds. 3 Release the REVIEW button when Passport shows the Auto Mute item.

There are three brightness settings, plus Dark Mode.

Passport will display Complete, beep 4 times, and return to normal operation.

EZ-Programming Details  Quick Reference Card Table of Contents Remove card along perforations PILOT LIGHT (Power-on indication) Press the CHANGE button to change your setting within a category Letter: H or A or C Letter, with scanning dot Symbol: or • or -Symbol, with scanning dot Scanning symbol Vehicle voltage Pwr On STD Pwr On FST * Standard power-on sequence SIGNAL STRENGTH METER Meter STD Meter EXP Meter SPC * Standard signal strength meter a Mute ON a Mute OFF * Auto Mute on AUTOMUTE AUDIOTONES CITY MODE SENSITIVITY BRIGHTNESS Fast power-on sequence Expert Meter Spec Display Auto Mute off Tone STD Tone LOUD * Standard tones City STD City Lo X City No X * Standard City mode sensitivity Brt Brt Brt Brt Brt Loud tones Low X band sensitivity in City Mode No X band sensitivity in City Mode * Last brightness used LAST MIN MED MAX DARK DARK STD DARK ALL BANDS Bands DFT Bands MOD * Standard Dark: shows HD, AD, CD • Power Connection • Mounting Location • Windshield Mount Factory default settings modified * Factory Default Settings ON ON ON ON ON or or or or or OFF OFF OFF OFF OFF (default is on) (default is on) (default is on) (default is off) (default is on) • Example of Programming 12 • Overview of Programming 13 • Power-on indication • Auto Mute • Mute • Auto / Highway / City Switch • Dim / Dark Switch Service • Dark Mode • Service • Audible Alerts • Troubleshooting 10 • Expert Meter 10-11 • Spec Display 11 Turn bands “ON” or “OFF” by pressing the mute button Ka POP LSR 12 Technical Details 8-11 12-16 • How to use EZ-Programming • Power and volume control • Signal Strength Meter All Dark, no display * Factory default settings DARK MODE Minimum brightness when turned on Medium brightness when turned on Maximum brightness when turned on Dark Mode when Passport turned on 6-7 EZ-Programming • Specifications Remove card along perforations POWER-ON SEQUENCE Installation Controls and Features * Full word: Highway or Auto or City HWY H.

Features, specifications and prices subject to change without notice.

Congratulations • Advanced EZ-Programming lets you customize up to 9 features • Exclusive Auto Sensitivity intelligently filters out annoying false alarms, plus Highway and City settings • Exclusive Spec Display provides actual numeric frequency for any radar signal • Programmable bands (on/off) allow you to customize which bands are monitored Remove card along perforations Passport 8500 X50 Quick Reference Card • Includes exclusive Smart Cord for easy access to remote mute button If you’ve used a radar detector before, a review of the Quick Reference Guide on pages 4 and 5, and the EZ-Programming information on pages 12 and 13 will briefly explain the new features.

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