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During an update query, a field for the original value is created and one for the updated value exists as well, ultimately causing two fields to exist during an update.

It follows that if there are more than 127 fields MS Access's limit of 255 fields is then reached causing the error mentioned above.

The error is as follows: "Too many fields are defined" as shown below: There is a limitation in Microsoft Access on the number of fields that can be contained within a table.

Now only blank values in that field will be updated. For each remaining sheet in the workbook, repeat the import process and update the order date.

First, import and append the worksheet data to the import Orders table.

Browse to the file you want to import, EXCEL_Orders_2018_Colored.xlsx, and click Open.

In the wizard dialog, choose “Append a copy of the records to the table” and then select the import Orders table from the drop-down. The next dialog box displays the list of worksheets available to import. The next dialog will show a preview of the data and a checkbox for “First Row Contains Column Headings.” It should already be selected, so click Next.

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