Updating a pirated copy of photoshop

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It sounds like Adobe is trying to do both of these things with Creative Cloud.

It is also harder to accurately scan every variant of PC software than spotting Xbox titles, but it does still mean there’s a good chance any pirated software you run on Windows 10 may not last much longer. Instead of a great conspiracy, Section 7b may just have been lazily copied and pasted across all Microsoft service agreements without any great thought and the company regards it as something primarily targeted at Xbox owners.

Windows 10 scandals keep coming: forced updates (causing crash loops), disabled user preferences, outlandish privacy invasions, blowing through user data allowances.

Each is taking the shine off what is actually a very good core operating system, but  I’m sorry to say they don't stop there...

Note: I have asked Microsoft for a response to Section 7b.

I will update with any comment the company makes but so far it has declined to reply (something which has become predictably par for the course with Windows 10 enquiries). ___ Follow @Gordon Kelly Windows 10 scandals keep coming: forced updates (causing crash loops), disabled user preferences, outlandish privacy invasions, blowing through user data allowances.

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