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The only stereotype I can think of pertaining to our school is that its in the Ghetto. South Florida is a highly rated public university located in Tampa, Florida.It is a large institution with an enrollment of 24,672 undergraduate students.Admissions is fairly competitive as the South Florida acceptance rate is 45%.USF is a melting pot, I can't think of one group of people who aren't represented here.But unlike high school where the groups were separated into clicks instead it's like everyone hangs with everyone, it's an awesome atmosphere filled with the friendliest students and faculty! Our campus isn't in downtown Tampa, and I personally feel its separate from Tampa entirely. There is not one general stereotype of USF students; there is a vast amount of "labels" that could be identified to certain students (e.g.athletes, fraternity/sorority members, members of the Honors program, etc,) There is also a large group of kids that don't participate in extra curricular activities that still receive a great college experience as well.

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However, I would disagree - given things to get involved in, many people will get involved.Asian students are geeks; Latin students are loud and not very serious about school; African Americans are gangsters; while Indians are stingy with money.All of these stereotypes however, vanish with time, as students come together in several activities where they learn about each other's cultures and traditions.It is an up-and-coming school, so it is not entirely popular with high school graduation classes.It is a school that people go when they don't necessarily want to stay with their high school crowd, so the population is extremely friendly.

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