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However, this is absolutely not the case, because once you have lied, you create in the person distrust of you in the future, which can worsen your good relations. However, you do not want to merge with the crowd, so do not forget to mention your pet ferret or competitive fencing medals or a lifelong desire to walk in Siberia.

Moreover, be sure to include some of your charming features in your profile - your unusual hobbies and special passions. Because it is precisely by pointing out such trifles that you can find your soul mate.

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In order to attract new acquaintances, it is not necessary to invent long stories about their achievements and opportunities.I have a great sense of humour and can conduct mysel..Happily divorced with 4 adult children and looking for friendship,romance . I'm married but my wife has Huntington's disease and she is slowly turns every thing off but I care for her and cook her meal and my and nurse come and look after why I at work and on the weekend so if your interested i..Instead of comparing yourself with him, you need to look at your own merits.Introverts are more likely to be thoughtful, intelligent, and self-aware.

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