Too quiet and boring dating Chatroom dark cavern

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This serves as a bit of validation for them and their conclusions.

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I have many friends whom i can communicate perfectly well with, but when it comes to people i want to impress, im just even its been 2 months dating a guy i really like, i still feel like there’s some aspects of myself that i cannot open up to him as much as i want to. We've only been together for two months and I find myself being so aware and conscious as to how i act around him.

I want to be 100% genuine and myself but it find it hard because a part of me undeniably wants to impress him too. He's been really amazing so far and totally gets me but I still secretly feel self-conscious about it. And even though its stressful, i need if its a trust issue and how can i keep this in control? Just last night, i was really drained from the day and i noticed im being cold to my guy. Not an INFJ, but I'm an ENFP (F) dating an INFJ (F) for just over two months so maybe I can give some perspective from the other side?

I know im more than who i appear to be.i honestly thought I’ve embraced my introversion but it stills bothers me sometimes esp when its people i want to form a sincere connection with.

Sometimes i get told I’m cold, too quiet and ‘boring’ and indifferent and its not good…I've long learnt to embrace my introversion but its still something im not good at, and i know being too introverted has its costs.

Warning signs of a boring boyfriend We’ve all been fooled by a seemingly exciting person, only to find out they enjoy doing… The good news is that there are a few different warning signs you can catch early on if you pay close attention.

If they don’t really hang out with anyone besides you, they could have a tendency to be boring.

Some guys are super shy, some are really entertaining, and others are just plain boring.It's ok to open up as slowly or quickly as you want. I'm an INFJ and my other half is a female ENFP (26).Just because you can't tell him everything right now doesn't mean that you won't be able to in the future. Give yourself permission to do what makes you feel comfortable, and don't feel pressured to do things a certain way just because others have done it that way! It took me 6 months for me to ask her for her phone number, even though she clearly wanted me to have asked her sooner :)I'm saying this as someone who also needs to practice this, stop giving yourself a hard time. Learn more about being an INFJ and how the functions apply to you, continue to communicate your feelings and maybe do more sense based activities (Ni-Ti loop at work here maybe). Just continue to enjoy the time you spend with him.And maybe because he's such an extrovert, I am doubting myself as an introvert, as a liability. He didnt notice it but i felt a need to text him and explain myself its simply because im drained, hence, a little unresponsive. I don't mind that it's taking her time to open up, I could sense that it would be like that immediately when I first started talking to her.I actually feel really privileged whenever she does share things which are clearly personal, and I know it's something special.

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