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Since the rise of Trump’s political star, controversial economic and social issues have been at the forefront of many people’s minds, and their positions on immigration, taxes, feminism, climate change, and other issues have held more weight on dates.

She has written several articles about using technology to connect with potential matches and swears by Twitter (How To Get Laid With Twitter for lalawag, How To Get Noticed By A Chick On Twitter for Manolith), but she’s also aware of how the web is changing our interactions (Online or Alienated? What new types of humor and actions are happening with social media and relationships (ie proposals on twitter, marriage status changed on FB during wedding, wedding videos on youtube, etc) 4.All refreshments will be served in the exhibit space during networking breaks.For further information on exhibiting, or to book your ad space in the conference brochure, please call 1 (212) 722 1744 ext 4 or you can e-mail us For additional information on promotional opportunities, please click HERE or e-mail an inquiry.In her second life, Liz is a PR and Social Media Marketing Consultant, Sunrise Road Media ( who used to work for My Space running their biggest advertising campaigns.You can follow her updates and dating tips on Twitter @lizhkelly Linda Sherman (@lindasherman) is a Social Media Marketing Consultant with a solid background in corporate marketing and finance.

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