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Does not the diversity of outcomes suggest an intellectual puzzle that must be solved?Do African Americans who are religiously conservative lean Democratic because they are black while white religious conservatives lean in the opposite direction because they are white?When you write songs, you need to lie your face off to get to the truth sometimes.The basic theme of this book is that the correlations between religious conservatism and political and social attitudes are not necessarily overwhelming.How do American political commentators overlook the racial difference among Conservative Christians? Is it discounted because African Americans are at the center of it?Is our analysis complete if we do not to wonder how very similar strains of traditional Bible Christianity can produce such different outcomes?

Thus, while 52 percent of lower-income, white, Conservative Protestants voted Democratic in the 199OS, 90 percent of lower-income Afro-American Protestants did.

Finally, the additional vote of Conservative Protestants for Republican candidates, over and above that of Mainline American Protestants, is meager—about seven percentage points.

Despite the depiction of Conservative Protestants by the media, by frightened liberals, and by the conservative leadership as if they were a massive and disciplined religio-political voting block, they are not.

Release Date: January 22 In Their Words: "The song ' The Cardinal' started as a folky ode to the bird, but went south into the murder ballad territory when I started rifling through my past.

My association with the Cardinal mascot of my youth, dead friends communicating via birds, and betrayals all tumbled in.

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