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The second time they fire it is in response to the document being checked in.controls effectively, we need to know how to handle their events. I don’t mean that it’s largest and most luxurious application every written, but rather that you may be cruising headlong into a nasty rendezvous with an iceberg that could deal a severe blow to your project.We may never know about all of the dangers lurking out there, but today we’re going to cover at least one danger you may encounter while writing event receivers – an annoying issue with the Item Updating and Item Updated events firing twice.The Item Updating event also specifies a similar Handles clause, but it still does not fire.I also tried manually specifying an On Item Updating value as you described but it still does not fire.

We’ll focus on the events that relate to editing and updating data, as our next goal will be to allow users to edit employee details in the buttons. Item Event Receivers derive from the SPItem Event Receiver class and have a number of methods that can be overridden to respond to various events: As you look through this list, you should notice that events have two types of endings: WARNING: One major gotcha you should know about the SPItem Event Receiver class is that while you can implement multiple list item event handlers in a single class, Share Point instantiates a new instance of that class for each individual event it needs to handle.What this means is that you cannot store data in instance-level variables and share that data between event handlers.When in edit mode, I want to display save/cancel icons to commit or cancel the update.I can see the control switch to edit mode properly, but after clicking the save icon, the overriden Item Updating event that I wrote does not fire. The Mode Changing and Init events fire because they specify a Handles clause.

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