Thai online dating scams

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Advice #2 To Finding A Thai Bride Online: Another crafty and catastrophic trick targeted at innocent love seekers is the notorious phone scam.

After speaking to a ‘nice’ lady online, she asks the man to call her on the phone.

Since there are SO MANY websites out there that try to make their money with setting up Thai girls and foreigners it’s impossible to cover them all so let’s hit the five most used Thai dating websites in this post. Not because it’s the most used one but the most recent one in the news. One of the most famous Thai dating sites is by far

It’s apparently a spin-off of famous US based dating platform You can browse through profiles, post on the publicly visible board and let people contact you via your profile. It claims to have a huge userbase and I’m not doubting that since this was one of the most mentioned websites when asking about thai dating websites on twitter.

On the day of her proposed arrival she frantically emailed him saying that she had no phone and her visa was stuck in the airport and which could only be released with 00. He is still waiting for her arrival and never heard from her again.

These are the types of scams we help you avoid and the reason that you cannot just trust any old online Thai dating site! Visit and let us introduce you to a real, stunning Thai bride – one that we’ve met and verified and run extensive background checks on.

They may look and navigate the same but this is exactly why the bogus sites are successful.Meeting a Thai bride online can be fun, fulfilling and potentially life changing if you are careful and aware.Advice #1 To Finding A Thai Bride Online: My first piece of advice is make sure that before you even begin dating online, ensure that your computer is 100% secure and does not put you and your information at risk.Despite no registration fee or monthly payments, if contacting a woman, the user is charged.If contacting many women as most people do when they test the waters on a new site, or chatting back and forth with one special lady, bills can accumulate and at the end of the month you could be issued with a nasty and pricey shock.

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