Taylor swift and austin mahone dating

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Since then, Taylor and Austin have clearly been spending a lot of time together, and Taylor’s even admitted that she’s a big fan of his.

Austin was on on Wednesday night, and he discussed spending a night with Taylor in her hotel room, engaging in a food fight. I find it hard to believe that they spent an entire night together in a hotel room, and the only thing they ‘engaged in’ was throwing food.

I’m just a regular ole girl, but if John Mayer came within 5 ft.

of me, I’d make a homemade torch out of a stick and a dirty shirt to wave him off.

She’s 21 years old and all this talk about changing the world and men being threatened by her are complete rubbish.

In fact, I would argue that garbage men do more to change the world than Selena Gomez.

Look at her previous dating history — with the exception of Jake Gyllenhaal [which I’m still inclined to think was a PR setup], the rest of her ex-boyfriends were immature and very young, to boot.

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However, If Selena Gomez retired from lip synching, my ears would thank the universe.

The freshly minted twosome have been trying to have been trying to keep their status under wraps, they can’t hide anything from us!

Over the weekend they were seen leaving the Beats Music event in El Lay separately, but they totez got into the same ride.

Listening to either of these women is a classic case of the blind leading the blind and Selena might as well take relationship advice from Jennifer Aniston while she’s at it.

My second question is who does Selena Gomez think she is?

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