Taurus men dating cancer women

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I'm looking forward to seeing where our relationship will go Omg me and my Cancer just started going together and I love him so much he keeps me laugh I love everything about him... He don't wanna hurts me and he already telling me that he wants to marry me...god set me up.... I feel that he's the best thing to ever happen to me In other relationships I feel like I was forcing my feelings or just settling but with him I feel like were made for each other my weaknesses are his strengths and vice versa. and the last relationship I was in he hurt me so bad and than my Cancer came into life and everyday I wake up happy and he way he holds me I we never wanna let go of each other..... He doesn't talk trash his Exes which I think is a good sign that he is a good person. It might have been more, but there was always something going on with either one of us. I'm sure you Taurus women know how we need more intimacy than a hug or cuddle. I can tell he was hurt before because he is very cautious with me.. he moved in - one day he borrowed my car; that was two weeks ago, I haven't seen him or my car since - YOU CAN HAVE THE CREEP - I'm not saying all Cancer men are like him but I don't want to try another one! I just hope to find another one of these beautiful creatures :) I am interested to this Cancer guy. I found him very expressive, honest, practical and respectful. : PI've known my Cancer for 5 years or so, just as friends. He wants to continue to be friends with me and take things slow, which is impossible for me. usually I just let him get over it and in time he is calling me again.. im patient I have known this Cancer for 6 years; the last 3 months we became "close". I haven't been talking 2 my Cancer guy for very long but I feel this instant connection with him I cant believe how much we have in common and how much alike we are...every time im with him I feel so good he makes me laugh an my face sometimes hurts from smiling so much..

but if I enjoy roller coaster ride and want it whole my life then I have to go with Gemini Now im on cross roads ...donno what's there in my future But I like friendly nature and sweetness of Cancerian they are very warm and lovely I met this Taurus girl back when we were just kids... (we were only like 14) But we were CRAZY about each other.

If this is your first visit to this site I recommend reading my Cancer and Taurus compatibility article on this relationship first. I am a Taurus woman who has a lot of Gemini in my charts.

I also have a Cancer man guide and Taurus woman guide which contain a lot of questions and answers related to this relationship. Although I have never been drawn to Gemini men, nevertheless I have always been drawn to Aqua men. There is a part of me that is very shy, introverted, conservative, artistic, and domesticated.

He gave me all the attention love and affection I've always wanted and I love that about Cancer men. I am utterly head over heels for this guy but he is very very very slow to give his heart. He is indeed moody and I tend to fuss at him and push him into his shell from time to time..

I think a Taurus w0man and Cancer male bel0ng t0gether. Should I move near him, even though we're just friends to spend more time with him? Im in a place where im going to make a move anyway and I could make it close to him. I went out with a Cancer guy, we were both young 16 years old.. But the beginning was like a dream come true, we immediately fell in love with each other I would fall asleep with his sweater with his cologne on it everything seemed perfect.

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