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Directed by Rae Allen, the production was part of an 8 month Long Beach Theater Festival program.

The stage production was intended to have a transfer to Broadway theater, New York after its California season, however, the bi-coastal run was not extended due to the 1978 New York City newspaper strike of 88 days, which hindered all theater advertising and reduced box-office sales of the new fall season.

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This TV movie was a dramatization of the nonfictional account of Connecticut townspeople, rising to the defense of a local teenager charged with the mutilation murder of his mother in September 1973.

In 1966, her "tempestuous" good looks led to being cast in the starring role as the passive and demure April Dancer, in the short-lived television series The Girl from U. It is based on John Ehrlichman's book The Company, a novel inspired by the author's time with the Nixon administration.

Shortly after the series' debut, she was featured on the cover of TV Guide (December 31, 1966 – January 6, 1967). Her 1970s films include The Boatniks (1970), Herbie Rides Again (a sequel to The Love Bug) and The Magnificent Seven Ride (1972).

Stefanie Powers (born Stefanie Zofya Paul; November 2, 1942) is an American actress best known for her role as Jennifer Hart in the American mystery series Hart to Hart, with Robert Wagner, which aired for five seasons from 1979 to 1984. The article mentions her "117-pound frame is kept supple with 11 minutes of Royal Canadian Air Force exercises every morning... She was a guest star on the Robert Wagner series It Takes a Thief in 1970.

At age 16, she was put under studio contract with Columbia Pictures, and as was the movie industry custom in those days, the name change to the more Anglo-Saxon-sounding 'Stefanie Powers' was made a part of the deal. Powers was estranged from her father, whom she barely refers to and whose name is never mentioned in her memoir One from the Hart, in which she refers to the "tension and unhappiness created by my father's presence". The two went on to co-star in the popular Hart to Hart series nine years later.

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