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Sophos is provided free to students going to universities, for example university of saskatchewan or Uof S provides free Sophos use on students/faculties/staff computers at home.

They however have this Auto update schedule to check for updates ever hour, which is awfully annoying, and some users will not like to have sophos update regularly every hour.

To protect the privacy of users and the applications they are running, you can disable the Applications tab from listing running applications.

From CTX133013 Desktop Director User Account Search Process is Slow or Fails: By default, all the Global Catalogs for the Active Directory Forest are searched using Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP).

In a large Active Directory environment, this query can take some time or even time out.

If multiple forests, see Citrix Blog Post Using Citrix Director in a Multi Forest Environment.

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Director and Delivery Controller versions – There’s no point in upgrading to Director 7.18 if your Delivery Controllers are not also 7.18.

Director will inform you if your Delivery Controllers are not the same version as Director.

This information can be viewed by all administrators that have access to the Activity Manager feature in Director.

For Delegated Administrator roles, this includes Full administrator, Delivery Group administrator, and Help Desk Administrator.

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