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That is when the man puts his penis in the woman's vagina (we have already had the 3 hole talk, so my daughter is aware her vagina is the hole in the middle).He squirts in some sperm to her vagina, which is like a tunnel to her uterus.I’m honest, telling them that is something that they should learn from their parents as much as possible.That it is a private thing, that might make some people uncomfortable. Here is basically how it goes: When people love each other a lot they will have something called sex.

I think it’s smart, once you start to see signs of puberty, to get a first period kit to have on hand, there are a few: For me, I’ll stick with the Care and Keeping of You 2 plus the Dollar Maxi Pad Club awesome price.By being how they learned about it — we are the experts in the area.I want them to know that it’s a GREAT thing, but I ALSO want them to know that it’s not something we talk about with our friends on the playground.At a particular time of the month, the woman has an egg waiting for the sperm.If the sperm work right and the egg is waiting, they will start a baby., talk about how sex really isn’t something you want to have until you are married. I will admit, it is uncomfortable — but once it’s out — it’s out.

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