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I once again scolded that bastard inside my heart and said bye to aunt and came back home.

I was completely frustrated and slept on my bed immediately.

Omg, it’s perfectly round like a football shining under the light.

This is the first time I’m looking a woman nude with my naked eyes.

I ran 2 my home and immediately went to the bathroom and kept my ear on the adjacent wall, (don’t think that she is masturbating as u all here in some stories) I could barely here some water dripping sound.

I was disappointed with it and turned off the bathroom light and was coming back and all of a sudden a small lighting came as a flash on my eyes and I immediately went near the wall, there is a small crack in the wall through which I could access my aunts bathroom, wow this is the best view I could ever get of a woman. Now I could see her beautiful body, she is applying soap on her pussy, facing my side.

Soon we finished cooking and said she will be ready in 20 min.

As days passed by, my intentions towards her increased and I used to stare at her round shaped boobs and lovely ass.

I used to masturbate thinking of her from my rooms glass window, as it is accessible directly to their lawn.

She is a married woman living next 2 our house having 2 kids.

She used to talk more with my mother and occasionally have a glance and smile at me.

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