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The name Illyrians seems to be the name applied to a specific Illyrian tribe, which was the first to come in contact with the ancient Greeks during the Bronze Age, causing the name Illyrians to be applied pars pro toto to all people of similar language and customs.

The west was inhabited by the Thracian tribe of the Bryges.

Archaeologists have come to the conclusion that these regions were inhabited from the middle of the third millennium BC by Indo-European people who spoke a Proto-Greek language.

A part of this population later moved to Mycenae around 1600 BC and founded the Mycenaean civilisation there.

There the station moved in 2007 the former cinema studio "Shqipëria e Re" and set up one's own studios.Only broadcaster TV Klan in Albania operates its own mobile transmission units called SNG.Thus, the sender can independent and timely reporting from all over Albania and abroad.It may be derived from the Illyrian tribe of Albani (Albanian: Albanët) recorded by Ptolemy, the geographer and astronomer from Alexandria, who drafted a map in 150 AD, which shows the city of Albanopolis located northeast of the city of Durrës.In his history written in the 10th century, the Byzantine historian Michael Attaliates was the first to refer to Albanoi as having taken part in a revolt against Constantinople in 1043 and to the Arbanitai as subjects of the Duke of Dyrrachium.

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