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Archive-name: medicine/education-faq/part1 Date: GMT Misc-education-medical-archive-name: faq/part1 Newsgroups:,misc.answers Subject: FAQ (part *) From: [email protected]: monthly, around the 6th Summary: Q&A about burning fat, building muscle, exercises, and equipment Archive-name: misc-fitness/part1 Date: 7 Aug 95 CDT Newsgroups:,,, Subject: FAQ: The Pilates trademark-cancellation litigation From: Cancel-Pilates TM Frequency: unknown Newsgroups:,,misc.answers,news.answers Subject: FAQ From: [email protected](Robles) Frequency: Monthly Archive-name: misc-fitness/aerobic-faq Summary: This article is a set of frequently asked questions (faq) for Date: Wed, GMT Newsgroups:,misc.answers,news.answers Subject: [] Pointer to FAQs and Resources From: [email protected]: weekly Archive-name: misc-fitness/weights/pointer-faq Summary: Listing of weightlifting-related FAQs, references, and resources Date: GMT Newsgroups:,misc.answers,news.answers Subject: diabetes FAQ: general (part 1 of *) Subject: diabetes FAQ: bg monitoring (part 2 of *) Subject: diabetes FAQ: treatment (part 3 of *) Subject: diabetes FAQ: sources (part 4 of *) Subject: diabetes FAQ: research (part 5 of *) Subject: insulin pump discussion From: [email protected](Edward Reid) Frequency: biweekly Archive-name: diabetes/faq/part1 Summary: Discusses questions which have been asked frequently in

Likely to be of interest to anyone who has diabetes or a friend or relative with diabetes or other blood glucose disorder.

Miya) Frequency: every two weeks Summary: If you don't have style, you might not get the job Date: GMT Newsgroups: info,misc.answers,news.answers Subject: Children's Software FAQ From: [email protected]_spam.Frequency: monthly Summary: Frequently Asked Questions about Children's Software Archive-name: misc-kids/software Date: GMT Newsgroups: info,misc.answers,news.answers Subject: FAQ-Potential Pediatrician Questions From: [email protected]: monthly Archive-name: misc-kids/pediatrician-questions Summary: A short list of questions to ask a potential pediatrician Date: GMT Newsgroups: info,misc.answers,news.answers Subject: Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) FAQ From: [email protected]_spam.Frequency: monthly Summary: Frequently Asked Questions about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (Also called Cot or Crib Death) Archive-name: misc-kids/sids Date: GMT Newsgroups: info,misc.answers,news.answers Subject: Welcome to info!

From: [email protected] (Robyn Kozierok, info moderator) Frequency: Weekly Summary: The charter and moderation policy of info Archive-name: misc-kids/misc-kids-info-faq Date: GMT Newsgroups: info,misc.answers,news.answers Subject: FAQ on Allergies and Asthma (part *) From: [email protected] Frequency: monthly Summary: Brief discussion of asthma and allergies, with lists of resources for organizations, books, recipes, etc.

Date: GMT Newsgroups:,misc.answers,news.answers Subject: insulin pump discussion From: [email protected] (Jim Summers) Frequency: biweekly Archive-name: diabetes/insulin-pump-disc Summary: Currently a skeleton awaiting a new FAQ.

Date: GMT Newsgroups:,misc.answers,news.answers Subject: software From: "Michael D.

[email protected]: mensuel Archive-name: fr/faq-latex-francaise/part1 Date: GMT Newsgroups: tv.satellite,news.answers Subject: One for All (telecommandes universelles) FAQ From: [email protected](Frederic Dumas) Frequency: unknown Comment: This FAQ is in French and describes the use of the One for All universal remote for satellite TV systems.

Gelineau Frequency: Intro weekly, Resources bi-weekly, FAQ monthly Summary: This posting is a list of resources avaliable to the Records Management professional, both on the 'net and off. All of the organizations below provide distance education to the general public. Date: 4 Dec 95 GMT Archive-name: education/gna/member Newsgroups:,misc.answers,news.answers Subject: WELCOME to!

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See the posting entitled "List of Periodic Informational Postings, Part 1/20" for more information. Summary: Dieses Dokument enthaelt die Antworten zu den regelmaessig gestellen Fragen der Gruppe tiere.katzen und sollte vor dem Posten dort gelesen werden.

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