Sewing machine dating

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The company was started at the beginning of the 20 century and expanded a lot since that time!They produce machines of great quality, long lasting. Singer machines are among the most popular and the most expensive sewing machines. If you were among the lucky ones and you still have an old sewing machine determine when was it made. That’s why it’s hard to find them and if you find them you should know they cost a lot of money!They are newer than for example Singer machines but still very good.If you want the best possible answer to “how old is my brother sewing machine” is to go to and consult an expert!That’s why I dedicated an entire article to tell you how to identify old Singer sewing machines!

Basically, almost every old sewing machine is worth some money. If you have an old machine with its original parts which is still working, you’ve hit a bullseye! If, on the other hand, you’ve got an old machine that doesn’t work properly, or doesn’t work at all, it can still worth something! It will probably worth less than in the first case, but will still worth something!

My advice is that if it’s an old family sewing machine, you should first check with your family members if they would like to keep it or redeem it from you.

It is possible that this type of sewing machine has sentimental value and you don’t want to offend someone!

White sewing machines are old, produced and used since the 1800s (second half).

It’s a good thing to own this machine since it can worth much!

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