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One Filipino domestic worker who only wanted to be called V, claims that she was never pregnant.

By her own account, V went to the hospital because of very strong bleeding.

Some are estranged or have been separated for many years but remain married on paper because annulments are too troublesome, too expensive – or both – to have to deal with.

Others are found to have additional cases like bouncing checks which are tried separately and will mete an additional number of years of imprisonment.

I am running out of excuses about why I have no money to send,” said V.

At one point, the lady guards pooled their own money and gave it to V just so she would have funds to send home in time for school opening. There are so many other women doing that,” wailed V.

But a miscarriage by a single woman would still prove sex outside of marriage and constitute a crime. A woman can also be detained for the crime of if she reports being raped but cannot prove the sex was not consensual or if the authorities don’t believe her claim.

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Domestic workers who leave their employer risk being arrested, detained and deported for “absconding” or “escaping”.They will offer that the couple get married so they can both avoid going to jail. “Some of them have a legal impediment – they are not really single,” said Reyes.In the case of the Philippines where there is no divorce, the lines get even more murky.Zina laws treat sex outside of marriage and pregnancy out of wedlock as crimes punishable by imprisonment. “Normally, I wouldn’t care one bit about who my nanny dates. This is Doha,” said Amelie, a French national whose husband works in Doha on an expat visa. This is based on Islamic legal tradition that classifies sex outside of marriage, pregnancy out of wedlock, and adultery as crimes that are punishable by imprisonment of up to one year.But without means to seek legal recourse, it is mostly low-skilled migrant woman who face charges. Muslim offenders are given an additional penalty of flogging while married Muslims may be sentenced to death by stoning.

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