Retailers single solenoid dating

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Second, is it really easier to understand why magnets attract or repel one another through this explanation?I'm thinking that if you told the average person to imagine a cylinder of current carrying loops that all had current flowing perpendicular to the long axis of the cylinder and all in the same direction..then to imagine how the current of adjacent loops negates the flow of current in their neighbors because they are flowing in opposite directions at adjacent points...which means that there will only be a net flow around the surface of the cylinder...If anyone sees anything that isn't clear or feels that something is missing, please help out.

So basically, is there any info on energy in permanent magnets?A magnet does not lose energy by being used, and will stay on your fridge forever unless something happens (such as heating, shock or a strong external magnetic field) to demagnetise it.There is no "energy transformation", as you put it.The formula is obtained directly from the electrical analogy.--Kakila Monday, October 26 2009 Note: User: changed the date of the Boyer article to 1987.

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