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This dimension is measured not only from the perspective of the leaders, who hold power, but from the followers.In regard to power distribution, Hofstede notes, "all societies are unequal, but some are more unequal than others." In a large power distance society, parents teach children obedience, while in a small power distance society parents treat children as equals.It encompasses a culture's tolerance for ambiguity.Cultures high in uncertainty avoidance avoid unstructured situations with "strict behavior codes, laws and rules, disapproval of deviant opinions, and a belief in an absolute Truth …" (Hofstede, 2011).Masculinity-femininity cultural dimension is addressed as a societal, not an individual's, characteristic and "refers to the distribution of values between the genders …" (Hofstede, 2011).A society is called when there is not a strong differentiation between the genders for emotional and social roles—both men and women should be modest and caring and both boys and girls may cry, but neither should fight.

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Individuals may have a sense of shame or feel strongly that it is necessary to "hide" a disability.Clinicians often encounter questions about prognosis and outcome when working with both children and adults.Individuals from a strong uncertainty avoidance cultural background may feel a strong need for a definitive prognosis, time line, and outcomes expectations.In masculine societies, both men and women are assertive and competitive; however women are less so than men.For individuals from a highly masculine cultural background, mothers may tend to feel more comfortable dealing with the emotional implications of a diagnosis from a clinician, while fathers may feel more comfortable handling the factual aspects of the situation and show less emotion in response to a diagnoses.

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