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Immediately contact the payee to let them know your check has bounced.

In most cases you will know about it before the payee does.

That is according to the Uniform Commercial Code which establishes guidelines based on business laws practiced in most states.

If you haven’t bounced a check lately, you should know that the non-sufficient funds (NSF) fees can hurt.

You think to yourself, as long as the check doesn’t clear until then, you will be fine, so you postdate the check for the fourth. Postdating a check to a later date is not illegal, but the check recipient is not legally bound to wait until the postdate to cash it.

You check your account the next day and find that not only did the landlord deposit your check, but it also cleared your account, triggering another unforgiving overdraft fee. The involved financial institution is not obligated to delay processing it unless the check writer provides a note on the postdate.

Our company may receive compensation from partners seen on our website. You may be familiar with this theme: it’s the first day of the month and you need to pay the rent but payday isn’t until the fourth.

You can’t bear the thought of bouncing a check and having to endure the indignity of another fee.

If a good friend is reimbursing you for some groceries you purchased for them, you may decide to accept it and delay cashing it because you know they are good for it.

It’s like a bad dream, which is reason enough to avoid writing checks before you have the money in your account.

In the old days before remote deposit capture technology, the process of clearing a check could take up to three business days.

So you have the opportunity to get out in front of it, let the payee know, and then offer to make good on the check.

In some cases the payee will try to resubmit the check for payment.

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