Post break up dating rules

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I was at the end of days in the aftermath and thought that the pain would consume me.”“I just want to let you know I am doing fantastic thanks to you and God.I have a new beautiful person in my life, but the best thing is, I was doing great before I met her, all due to your teaching.What drives him is his life-defining purpose: working off the emotional debt he owes the relative who saved him so many years ago.Unlike a therapist, I will tell you exactly what you should do and avoid in your particular situation.Years of experience with real people have enabled me to create an effective system to lead them to recovery after a breakup or divorce and as a result, break blockades they have carried around their whole lives.

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MORE: Since then, Eddie has been working on a daily basis to help people heal their broken hearts.

He has been featured and interviewed by news outlets such as Washington Post, Bustle, Huffington Post, Bravo TV, and many more.

He has personally helped thousands of people all over the world overcome self-imposed obstacles and use a relationship split as a catalyst to live a better and more fulfilled life.

It made me strip away all the toxic layers that I had accumulated through external input and influence. It’s impossible to describe in words how much this freed me. Today, 13 years later, I’m married, a father of two, happy, self-centered, at peace, and fulfilled through my mission. Do NOT wait for time to heal you; take your life into your own hands and force change. I went to counseling, but nothing else has helped me except you.”“Eddie, you’ve got me through the single biggest hurt of my life.

And although you probably get lots of emails, I hope this one reaches you, and you can accept and appreciate what you do for people who have broken up with someone they love.

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