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We had to channel our inner-DIY guru to generate some fun Octoanuts birthday ideas.The Invite I had really enjoyed the style the characters were originally drawn for the book and wanted to apply that to the invite design. If the regular routine isn’t working for you anymore, then it just may be time to switch it up a bit. Get involved in new and different organizations where you can meet new people. Intellectually, we all know this makes sense, but putting it into action can often be tougher. Or did you try one different pond outside of your usual routine, have a really bad time and decide never to do that again?I just wanted to be able to serve some semi-decent food for a large party that could be easily made, but you can also have fun with the naming conventions.Because of my both my sons’ food allergies, I ended up making a lot of food.

We also found out the author is a design agency based in San Francisco called Meomi.

When my older son turned five, I asked him what kind of party he was interested in having and he told me, “Octonauts party!

” I excitedly started brainstorming in my head some fun ideas.

I found a desktop wallpaper and did some photoshoshopping to the image and added more waves so the background felt continuous and had my local print shop print them out for me.

The Decor I wanted to give a feel of The Octonauts and the ocean feel without blatantly doing that.

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