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of the corpuscle that is mechanosensitive [Ishiko & Loewenstein, 1959].May 8, 2012 - and questions the power matrix method. the MMLM case, suggesting that the MLM gave a better estimation as both ...... 1983.inability to account for changes in the driving head resulting from power ......Finally the thesis explores the concept of ironic, as opposed to 'authentic', identities. 4 As dealt with in the methodology various aspects of auto-ethnography will be employed in this thesis.This reflexive orientation blends the practices and emphases of social science with the aesthetic sensibility and expressive forms of art.These are individuals in the field of arts, film, finance and advertisement who are, in one way or another, responsible for certain representations of Iceland and Icelanders.

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The primary case study is an ethnography of Icelandic expatriates in Europe and North America that explores the roles of identity and folk culture in transcultural performances. First of all it is ―a place of darkness and dearth, the seat of evil.

Ph D, MPhil, DClin Psychol) at the University of Edinburgh. On one such occasion, I had been invited to a film club dinner party and was placed, aperitif in hand, beside the screen.

Please note the following terms and conditions of use: • • • • • This work is protected by copyright and other intellectual property rights, which are retained by the thesis author, unless otherwise stated. The film of the evening was, by no suggestion of mine, the iconic and somewhat exoticising Icelandic film Börn 1 Interestingly a group has been established on the Internet networking site Facebook that appropriates just this question.

stretch-sensitivity of such endings, revealing new information about the underlying ...

Jack Mc Kay-Fletcher [4th year Honours student, Informatics, University of .....

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