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I'm not sure why they do this because you're paying for cover that hasn't been provided, but there you go. after a month you no longer have 3rd party insurance and after 3 months you have to hand your plates back. I received my rego renewal notice as normal this year... So, leave it in the garage with a lapsed rego for a couple of years and, if you try to re-register the car, they can hit you up for the full period.

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I'm a avid bookreader as well as a psychic/tarot reader. I'm curious about other experiences and am simply looking at this point. My sun sign is cancer with my rising sign being scorpio (double water- watch out) which actually explains everything about alot.

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I paid my rego a month late - after getting the late notice in the mail.

A month after the due date, you'll get a letter that says to either pay the original amount (there's no late fee) or return the plates asap.

There are a number of IP ranges blocked in order to keep known spammers from registering and some of these are wide ranging.

Not doing either of those things for 3 months de-registers your vehicle and you have to take it over the pits to re-register it. You're fine to pay it where you are and continue driving, but check the website and confirm your registration before driving of course.

Edit 1: Here's the next notice you'll receive. Edit 2: Regardless of when you renew (within the 3 months), your new period of registration/insurance is from the original date on the original renewal notice.

People do not need to see what is being said in a room before they "take the plunge." The rooms are chat rooms. It is really hard to find real people in there talking especially women; they are extremely rare when I am in there.

Chat means talk...have a room where others gather to talk. My wife is normally either off some where with her boyfriend or doing something else so she doesn’t go into them that much with me.

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