Peace corps volunteer dating

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Others doubted whether recent graduates had the necessary skills and maturity for such a task.The idea was popular among students, however, and Kennedy pursued it, asking respected academics such as Max Millikan and Chester Bowles to help him outline the organization and its goals.

President Kennedy in a speech at the White House on June 22, 1962, "Remarks to Student Volunteers Participating in Operation Crossroads Africa", acknowledged that Operation Crossroads for Africa was the basis for the development of the Peace Corps.He later dubbed the proposed organization the "Peace Corps." A brass marker commemorates the place where Kennedy stood.In the weeks after the 1960 election, the study group at Colorado State University released their feasibility a few days before Kennedy's Presidential Inauguration in January 1961.Upon taking office, Kennedy issued an executive order establishing the Peace Corps, and he named his brother-in-law, Sargent Shriver, as the agency's first director.Shriver, not Kennedy, energetically lobbied Congress for approval.

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