Over 30s dating london

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ETA: For what it's worth, after making this post, he and I managed to have a normal text conversation. Examples include: looking at past partners phones, getting pissy about them hanging with friends, social media snooping, getting upset about partners going on solo trips..get the idea.Well I started dating this new guy roughly 6 months ago.By Monday I knew obviously I'd been ghosted so I just sent one last text that said "Hey if something emergency came up it's no problem just get back in touch when things settle down, no harm no foul.

So yesterday instead of telling him how I was, I responded with something along the lines of how it basically feels like I'm in a conversation with myself.

We all need sometimes that activity, person or place that brings us true joy.

Otherwise life would just suck even more than it already does.

I'm not interested in any of the past manipulative behaviors I used to do (you know the ones: not responding to texts or giving pouty responses), I want him to feel secure, I want him to feel happy, I want him to know I feel excited for him and happy he is having a good time.

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