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However, there have been many reports from men that the Czech Republic has been overrun with hoards of men who have created an untenable environment that once was a man’s paradise. Tourism has spiked in Prague and has been accompanied by stag parties, an increase in local and foreign “pua types” and sex tourists.

However, for men with a combination of looks and Game, there are plenty of young, beautiful Czech women in Prague.

They tend to have long-shaped faces with prominent noses.

Their complexion is a bit darker (medium tone) on average compared with Russian girls.

Men have been traveling to Prague in search of beautiful, feminine women for a good 25 years.

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Food, drinks, and entertainment are very well priced.

Czech women have dazzled Western men with their exotic beauty since the early 1990s when the country gained independence.

With its 1.3 million inhabitants, Prague is the political, cultural and educational center of the Czech Republic.

They hail from the prized Slavic gene pool; accompanied with long slender bodies and a cosmopolitan look.

These women epitomize eastern European beauty – and pair that up with sexual liberty.

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