Now you are dating him

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This will also take care of the important HOW to make a man miss you just as much or more than you miss him. If a guy doesn't miss you when you're apart does that mean he doesn't have feelings for you?That answer sometimes depends on the time and distance between you.However HOW it's said or done can be calculated for better effect and to have it mean more.

When he knows without a doubt that you miss him through your words and actions (both are equally important) he feels safe and more confident you're not going to meet another man and leave him.Both are somewhat right but do it too much or too little in either situation could easily just lead to the same problem.It really comes down to BALANCE - TIMING - EFFORT and the ACTION or WORDS you choose to take.Now what about your ex-boyfriend or ex-husband - does HE want to know or hear that you miss him? Remember that you both invested lots of time, emotions and hopefully effort into your relationship and just because it failed or didn't work doesn't mean the connection is lost or the feelings are wiped out.The feelings he had for you will stick around for a while.

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