Normal dating progression

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Hey, so I'm using EH at the moment, and what I am hoping for is a general timeline and recommendations of how to do those things.How long to spend chatting in the site, when and how best to switch to a phone number, when to actually meet the person.But a fast meet eliminates a build up to disappointment, it eliminates some flakes, and it eliminates catfish.After you meet and see if you like each other, you can still progress slowly as you get to know each other.I'm 29 F and the guys I'm taking with at the moment are 25-29 age range.Both of the guys who I'm most interested in are about 1 hour away and it is very wintery where I live right now.But to echo Jibralta, meeting as soon as possible is the best approach, and, honestly, if they're too far away and/or the season isn't permitting, I'd simply hold off on any real attempt to "getting to know them" until the conditions better permit you two to meet up.

If he insisted on typing back and forth before speaking or on having multiple conversations before arranging to meet in person I moved on.

Additionally, there's no hard or even soft guarantee someone you get on well with over text or phone call will at all be a match once you meet, and you're more likely to develop a false sense of investment trying to establish familiarity in such a way. All that I meant is that some times with a more clear cut value system more questions might be front loaded.

Jman, I was not meaning to offend or to imply that other people do not have a value system. And as result fewer people meet the criteria for a fave to face meeting.

Its the safety aspect of things because it could be Ted Bundy or Peter Sutcliffe at the other end.

I think talking for 20 to 30 minutes by phone plus meeting in a public place takes care of the safety issues especially if youre good at screening out and noticing red flags.

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