Non drinker dating

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“I hung in there for a few more months but the truth is that I really wanted to drink during that time: He and his friends made it look so appealing.If he had just drank the way he wanted to from the get-go, I surely never would have ended up getting in a semi-serious relationship with him.” Hindsight is, of course, 20-20.When I first decided to get sober, I told my fiancé, “I think I am going to go to AA and quit the booze for good.” His reply: “Awww, I’m gonna lose my drinking buddy? ” As you may expect, that relationship imploded shortly thereafter.So, at the age of 38, single for the first time since I was 25, I was newly sober, heartbroken, and absolutely befuddled.As with everything in recovery, you must be open and willing—even if all the advice you get goes against your gut.

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It may sound like a cliché, but the tools I’ve gained in AA help me remain more serene and rational in every aspect of my life—even in the crazy, wild, irresistible realm of love. In my dating experience, just because a guy doesn’t drink like an alcoholic, it doesn’t mean he’s perfectly sane and has his shit together.Don’t assume that ‘normies’ are superior to you because they don’t have an addiction.” Relationships often go bad, and people in recovery must often be more prepared than most for the possibility of breakup.“Not everyone who says they don’t drink or who doesn’t drink around you is necessarily a safe person to date; I look back at that time as the most precarious part of my sobriety.” Of course, there are issues to deal with if even the best-case scenario happens: You and that normie fall in love.You’re going to have to address serious quandaries.

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